Devised as a “living space”, it succeeds in creating an innovative focus which holds apartments of 2 and 3 bedrooms on the ground and first floors, together with penthouse duplexes of 3 bedrooms, with spacious terraces and private gardens, designed for enjoying outdoors and indoors seamlessly.

The modern and luxurious contemporary architecture of UNICO Benahavis enshrines our values in the conception of spaces with as few visual interruptions as possible and a spaciousness in each of the rooms, all envisaged as a whole. The simple shapes together with high-quality materials, ergonomics and energy efficiency, embody a major technological commitment, and a strong engagement with the environment, and the health and wellbeing of the occupants.

UNICO Benahavis has pursued aesthetics which integrate perfectly into the privileged enclave which hosts this residential project, thereby allowing its proprietors to enjoy both their own dwelling and the natural setting.



Thinking about UNICO Benahavis, is to think about innovation in design.

The homes demonstrate clearly the commitment to communication between the spaces without visual barriers.

There is outside access from any of the rooms and the carpentry from floor to ceiling disappears almost imperceptibly to conceal itself in the walls.

The living room, with access to an impressive terrace, is joined to the open kitchen, which in turn gives onto a terrace-dining room to offer you a pleasant time and criss-crossing views from any point of the apartment.

In summary, a concept of “complete openness” has been achieved, so that the proprietors can feel both outdoors and indoors equally, with natural communication between the spaces, while enjoying their environment.


The bedrooms bring us to enjoyment of the peaceful setting, offering perfect views thanks to their communication with the outside, and the bathrooms incorporate natural light to create spaces of health and wellbeing.

Because, in short, relaxation has been one of the maxims in the well-thought-out interior design which invites us to enjoy life in tranquillity, in perfect harmony with the well-looked-after space of the apartments and with the choice of highly eco-friendly materials, exquisite and elegant.

With interior LED lighting, security doors and windows, fully fitted kitchens and washrooms, radiant heating systems, hot-cold aerothermal air conditioning and insulation meticulously chosen to reduce consumption and let you enjoy the dwelling all year, this rounds off the experience of UNICO Benahavis.

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